Hello, I'm new here! :)

I am so glad I found this forum!! I have only been making babies for a couple of months and I am getting ready to start on #6 My name is Kerri and I am from California. I LOVE reborning babies, I am officialy addicted, although I not very good yet, lol. I look forward to reading more tips and ideas from you to help me create beautiful babies! If I can figure out how to post pics, I will post some of the babies I have made, I wold love to get some opinions!

Always glad to see someone new! I’d love to see some of your photos. The biggest problem is usually resizing them so BB can post them. Under 700 each way works for me. I’ve begun to try to remember to take my reborn photos with a lower resolution so I don’t have that problem but I usually forget… So enjoy reading and jump right in!

Hi Kerri and welcome!

Hello there! I used to live in California many many years ago. Now I live way up near the Canadian border up in the mountains. I understand your addiction to reborning. It takes only the first time.

Hi and welcome, you will find alot of information and answers to questions you may have. Please post pictures of your babies. We would love to see them.

Welcome to the BB forum! Any questions - just ask! There are several forum members that check in several times a day and are available to help with any questions…

Thank you everyone! Goodness, all of your babies are beautiful! I hope I get that good

I am new also, and started my 5th doll this week. I have found soooo much useful information and thanks to Jinny, she helped me ALOT! Tried a new technique and I LOVE It. And I am addicted to making them as well. Good luck!