Hello everyone, very depressed

Well I used everyone advice and finally got the color I wanted for my baby. Then I began to cure her and she somehow fell over and touch the side of my oven and has a burn spot. I’m quite sure this hasn’t happened to anyone. Can someone please tell me what to do or where to buy a new head?

This has happened to others before. Where is the burn mark?


On the front of the head

If it’s too bad to cover with her hair or a birthmark etc.You can do an ISO (in search of) listing and someone may have the head you need to replace yours

thank you I will do that right away.

Do you have a picture? It might be repairable.

I hope you can repair it! I just melted the top of my dolls head… It was a big head and too close to the heating element on my nuwave. Anyway it somehow looks like the perfect soft spot on a baby’s skull. :grinning:

Send it with very fine sand paper then add Matt varnish a couple of times …bake … And try to paint it … Be creative here …my baby now looks like she had a scratch …and yes it was Miracle by Laura Lee …my daughter adopted her .

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You need to prop the parts, especially the head, such a way it cannot fall over. I use wash cloth on the bottom of the oven, which I scrunch up such a way the it gives the parts support, and if that is not enough I put bit of fiber fill around them.


Love that idea!

yes but I don’t know how to attach it.

Where can I find the matt vanish

You can order here on BB .

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