Hello Everyone! I'm new to this forum and new to reborning

Hello Everyone! My name is Holly Hansen. I’m new to reborning and have enjoyed reading your post and seeing all of your WIP and completed babies. I have a couple of kits. I also have GHSP from my play in clay…I’ve sculpted 30 mini babies but haven’t done that in awhile. I’m taking Evon Nather painted hair class in the upcoming ROSE doll show and need to have a head with at least one layer of skin tone…I was planning on using my warm blush for the blushing but from reading the posts on here I’m thinking I should use something else…what color do you use? and how many skin tone layers and blush layers do you typically put on a doll? And any other pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!!


Welcome to the group! I use the lip/blush/nail color for blushing myself sometimes I mix a little flesh color in with it to lighten it up a bit. Skin layers vary by kit for me sometimes it only takes 2 layers but I have had a few that took 4 or 5 just do what you fill looks best.


Ditto to what Amanda posted. From what I understand “stay away from the warm blush” I started reborning back in May or June of 2015 so I’m fairly new here too. Welcome to this awesome group of reborn artists!! You’re going to find a wealth of knowledge here. The members here are amazing and so great about sharing tips and secrets of making these beautiful babies!!!


Thank you Amanda and Jackie! So nice you meet you and thanks for the tips!

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Welcome, Holly! Yes, stay far, far away from the warm blush!! I’d suggest looking at some tutorials to get color suggestions that work together.

This is a great tutorial that’s put together in albums:

Learn to Reborn the Beautiful Baby Way


First let me say WELCOME! Second let me say that what I’m about to say is NOT TO BE TAKEN PERSONALLY. I have a hard time with new reborners that show pictures of their FIRST baby and it looks like a prototype by Silvia Creations. I’m terribly jealous of newbies with an over abundance of TALENT. Just the same I love everyone on the forum and have learned so much here. Please feel free to show us your work. :camera::heart:


I like to make my own custom blush color out of Genesis Red, Ultramarine Blue, Pyrolle Red and whatever flesh color I’m using. Then I work it in layers. All the details are on my YouTube Channel and I’m happy to answer questions. :smile:

Welcome to Reborning!



Welcome Holly.

Welcome Kim!!! Many have referred to your videos! Thanks for sharing your techniques with all of us.

Welcome Holly! I am recently new as well. Cant wait to see your babies.

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Hi and welcome both @hollydolly1963 and @Kim_CustomDollBaby ~ nice to meet you!


Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I’m excited to be here!

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Hi and welcome aboard! It sounds like you are pretty creative. You can probably mix your own blushes. They vary from baby to baby anyway, depending on the skin tone you want to achieve.

Warm blush is very strong and kind of deadly to complexions. Unless you mix it, it is very harsh. Most of us steer pretty clear of it although I use it in mixes sometimes.

Hope you enjoy the forum!


I feel like I know you,@Kim_CustomDollBaby , because I’ve watched you’re videos about a million times! And Welcome new member :slight_smile: I’m new also.



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Like I said, you can mix it with other colors to make new shades. That’s all I ever use it for.

I’m using warm blush on a portrait play doll now. It has orange undertones and the real baby has that same orange coloring on her cheeks.


welcome to the forum Holly !! Lucky you …you can meet some of the forum members at ROSE

Oh I loved your Eyebrow rooting video! Keep them coming. :smile:

Hi Holly