Hello all!

Long time I know! lol My health is doing much better, but still
not allowed to my old work load! lol

I just took a preemie custom, and bought bindi for my son and
daughter for Christmas!

My first 2 monkey babies! I have to say I am feeling a little
overwhelmed at doing them! lol


Thank you all! I am mainly working on a couple christmas gifts, and
not getting back into heavy reborning or other things like I was. lol

Dr said long as I take it slow, and if I have any more trouble to take
my meds, I should be ok. So we will see.


Thank you all very much!!! It’s great to know i was missed!!

My health finally caught up with my lifestyle I was living! lol
TOO much irons in the fire and not enough me to kindle them,
if ya know what I mean. I ended up in the hospital with stress
so bad my left side of my body was not functioning. It was a
major scare, and made me decide what was most important
in my life. The drs tried a few different meds, and finally found
one that works nicely for me. Whenever i feel stress coming
on i have to take them, and go take a nap! So I still have to
take it easy, but trying to get back to a kinda normal life.

But thanks for all the well wishes.