Heat set paints

I purchased a convection oven for heat setting the genesis paints. It is digital and the settings go from 225-250-275. So I am wanting to know if I put the vinyl parts in on 250 is that hot enough to cure them. I have no way of setting it to 265. What suggestions would you have. I would appreciate any input. Thanks, Marilyn

I just started reborning, but i use a nu wave oven and bake at 250 degrees for 9 minutes and have not had a problem

I also use nuwave at 250 for 10 minutes

I have also baked with my Nuwave at 250. What I would do is put an oven thermometer in your oven at 250 and then at 275 and see what it reads. Chances are maybe one of them gets pretty close to 265 anyway. I’ve tried other non Nuwave ovens and found that the temperature you set it at isn’t really what it bakes at anyway.

Thank you so much ladies, you have been very helpful. I have used the in-oven thermometer and the new convection is true to temp, I tried a used one and it is horrible, it won’t hold any temp, goes up and down. I’m wanting to try the Nu-wav. I have gotten the glass & tile medium to try the air dry paints. I did reborns several years ago and used the translucent vinyl and dyed the pieces in hot liquid dye. I just bought liquid fabric dye and mixed my colors and that worked well. But now with the soft vinyl id doesn’t take that dye the same so doesn’t work very well.

Invest in a NuWave you won’t be sorry. It’s the best reborning oven. Make sure you get the extender ring.


I second that. I’ve used a few others and I definitely recommend the Nuwave.

I purchased a used Nuwav oven but didn’t get a book with it. What % do you set it on to get your 250 temp.

I have one that you just punch in the number. I know that the reborn with me has a video where she shows how to use ovens that are different. Setting up Your NuWave Oven for Reborning - YouTube

I bake on power level 6 for 10 minutes, perfect every time. It usually goes up to 265. If you just want it to go to 250 then cook a lesser time. Make sure you have an oven thermometer in there so you know when you are at your desired temp.

I do power level 7 for 8 minutes on mine that has the power level setting,my other is the new type that you just set temperature and time.

I got a book for my nuwav. The older ones have power settings instead of being able to enter the temp. Power level 6 is 250 and level 7 is 275. Finally got it figured out. In the mean time I did a baby with air dry paints. I still have to put the sealer on her but she turned out pretty good… I’m still anxious to try heat set paints. Thank all of you for your input, it has been very helpful.