Heat lamp to warm head while rooting

I ran across this heat lamp to warm the head while rooting. Does anyone have any experience with one of these? I don’t heat the head in any way but might be interested in this.


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That’s very interesting!


Yeah, that’s what I thought, too, Yvonne. Reminds me of lights that go in Christmas decorations like the little houses and such.

Looks like it would work but I’d be concerned that it might get too hot and melt the vinyl. Those Christmas houses had openings for heat to escape.
It says it may not work on very small or large heads. I’ve never heated a head to root it. I fill mine with poly pellets and pack them tightly with paper towels so the head doesn’t compress while rooting. It works well for me.


Yes!!! That’s exactly what it reminded me of! I also have never heated a head, but this looks easier to use than a rice sock or heating pad so Iight try it.


I used a desk lamp when I started. One that would bend to get to the head. But one time I forgot it and left to go shopping and needless to say I had a mess. But very interesting concept!

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Whoops!! :hushed: