Heads up on new air dry varnish from MacPhersons AND MATTE POWDER

They have a new one soon to be released and I got to test it. It IS MATTE! Not pasty looking. When dry it feels soft and smooth just like the Soft Touch Varnish only it is truly matte. I applied some to a test limbs yesterday. Today no stickiness, no sheen, passes squeeze test and skin has nice realistic look that is only ever so slightly dewy. I am so excited! Keep an eye on their website for when it is available which should be soon I hope.



Oh good to know! Thank you!

Thanks so much for the info! Will keep an eye out for it!

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Can this be used on top of Genesis?

Give it to me on a 1-10 scale, one being crap, 10 being phenomenal. Duraclear Ultra Matte Varnish versus this one… The Duraclear is getting it done for me for now, but I have to tell you, it’s not as matte as I would like for it to be. I like how matte the Genesis babies look, but can’t quite find an air dry varnish that looks like that. Thinking about getting an oven and the Genesis varnish, but would really prefer not to if I can find something air dry @anjsmiles

It would depend on your expectatoins. I do not think anything is going to be as matte as Genesis straight matte varnish. On the other hand, many customers do not like the look and feel of straight Genesis Matte Varnish (GMV). I always thin my GMV with satin when I use it.

I would say this is slightly more matte than the Duraclear and this has a nice soft finish. My preference of what I had been using was to take Soft Touch varnish and add a matting agent like corn starch or BabyFX powder. This finish is very much like that. You can tell the vinyl is varnished but it does not feel rough. They sent me a very small amount to test and I accidentally spilled some if it so I am limited in how far I can test it. They are also tweaking the Sealer formula to make it more matte so that when you set the paints with the Sealer it takes care of most the shine and the Matte Varnish is more effective when it is applied. I do plan to buy some when it comes out. My main reason for purchasing this new one will be that it was made specifically for the vinyl kits and to matte their paints. Let’s just say I like it enough to be thinking I will no longer be using heat set varnishes unless a customer just requests it.


Sounds perfect. It would nice to not have to add a matting agent. I’ll certainly give it a go when it comes out.

@anjsmiles, Will it be USEABLE for Genesis paint or is it only for air dry paint??? BB doesn’t sell air dry paint, do they?? So why the air dry varnish if you can’t use it on Genesis?? NEED TO KNOW!!!

Oh thanks so much for the info! How does it compare to the Deco Art Soft Touch Varnish (blue label)? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LMK6HT0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

This one leaves the vinyl not quite as soft as I’d like but it’s the least shiny one I’ve tried so far though I haven’t tried the Duraclear yet.

@anjsmiles Do you know what it’s called perchance

I do not know but have put in a question regarding that and will let you know when I get an answer.

The jar they sent me is labeled RebornFX Ultra Matte Varnish

I tested this on a Dolldreams Euro Vinyl limbs set I have here and when I squeeze it the limb is still very flexible.
I will do a video soon. Have to finish the work week first but will be off Friday.

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I would love to know if it can be used over Heat set also. I have a few keeper babies that have gotten kinda shiny and I would prefer to not take them apart for a re varnish lol.

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@anjsmiles, Thanks, I’ll be waiting to hear. I would love an air dry varnish (matte) for Genesis that won’t go shiny or sticky or anything else weird!!

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Me too and I feel the same way, don’t want to redo them. It’s weird how this happens since my dolls just lay there and are NOT played with. Weird huh???

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Same, I collect mine they may get clothes changed a few times a year just so I can wash them, but mostly just displayed.

Very interesting… I noticed that there is also this product:

I wonder if this one is more matte than the one they gave you to try… it implies this in the description. Would be interesting to see how this one compares if you decide to give it a try. :slight_smile:

No 2 in 1 has a lot of sheen. I have some of it if anyone is interested. I use it to seal hair where I do not want a flat look. I do not like it for sealing the whole doll.