Heads on BB website 10/11

There are Realborn and normal kit heads on sale right now! Just wanted to let everyone know :wink:


Thank you!!


Thank you. Was going to make an ISO post for heads soon. lol


Must’ve sold quick becuae I cant find any

Me Either. Where do we look when they DO have them?


Some are still there.

Oh wow that was quick. All the Realborn Heads Sold Out. They had Ashley, Jaycee, and Clyde. They may post some seconds or test head soon.

I am getting a message that says the page is not available, AFTER I put something in my cart.

It let me order Jaycee. Hope it worked. I love her! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

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Oh, my! It finally let me get the order, too! Yay!!! I got the head and I had to get something else to justify paying that much postage for just the head. So, of course, I had to get another kit. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting us know!

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They probably were there when I checked but I was looking in the wrong spot this entire time. Smh. I was looking under PARTS where the limbs are because I usually see heads there too. Ugghh

Oh there are a few more up!

They were in that area.

There’s a few in seconds Gena and Sam


I had them in my cart and even went to check out and went to confirm and sold out

I got three to model my headbands :smile:

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I just got one.

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There are some in seconds.