Heads! go now!

Lots of heads just listed! Just picked up four including Summer Rain.


@JillianJade were you needing some???

Realborn limbs there also if anyone wants to replace 3/4 limbs with full.

Ah, ha!, that’s where my summer rain heads went. I had two then things were getting crazy. They kept adding more, the more I added the more that disappeared from my cart. That was nerve racking.

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Summer rain was gone when I just looked

Sorry, lol. Yes, that was nerve racking. I just had to grab a few and check out. I missed out on some of the newer realborn head but didn’t want to chance losing what I had in my cart.

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Who else did they have? Drat! Missed them all I wanted a Reese head (which I had no reason to assume they even had)

Were they expensive? I need some heads for experimenting.

Most were about $8. But then there is the $8 shipping also…

i just placed an order yesterday lol, but i snagged libby, obviously not the most sought after, but there were only 2 others by the time i got there hahahaha

I so hate, I missed Summer Rain

How do we know when they put just the heads up? i only ever see the kits? Is there a way to search it on B.B.?

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Supplies - then kits and parts -
then Vinyl parts (

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Dang, took a quick nap and only Candy is left. Can’t nap anymore, lol

I don’t know if there was a new batch listed or not, I was gone. lol

Oh, did not realize you responded to a question from the old post. There is Candy head there, so not sure

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