Head Magnifiers for Rooting

Does anyone use magnifiers like either of these for rooting? Curious about comfort in the ones that sit on your nose (white), or if the other type fits tight enough to keep from slipping down on your forehead? I’m needing a change from my ottlite magnifier.

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I use the one from BB and like it very much. It’s stay well on the head and fit with glasses. A little bit heavy tho.

Does it just go around your head or does it sit on your nose?

I used one of these when I needed script glasses because they fit over mine. After my lasik surgery I found I like strong readers much better.

I bought the one from BB but the batteries had leaked out. I use it without the batteries. I went to buy them on Amazon and the reviews were bad. They don’t last.

Just around the head.
The light never worked properly (on and off) but I use a bright desk lamp so it doesn’t bother me

I have used the one like your first one, but it would not stay put. Now, I have one like this:

I like it better because it has the screw tightener in the back. So once it is on you can tighten to your liking. Now, this one is very cheap on Amazon, so I am not positive it is the SAME as mine, but mine made in that way. HTH. I think I will be using mine next time I root. In Jackie’s DVD she wears one for rooting and I thought, “What a good idea”. Especially for me and my eyesight!

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I actually use readers from walmart. They are the +3.00 strength and they are more comfortable than the magnifiers that you wear on your head.

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I saw one like this on Amazon too. I’ll go back and look at it. The one I saw had lenses you could switch out for different strengths, is yours that way too?

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That would be GREAT if I didn’t already wear glasses… :frowning_face:

I have them too. I’m 59 so need more than them lol

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I use one similar to the white one. It does sit on your nose and can get a bit uncomfortable after a while. I usually just take a break and then go back at it. It has a lot of different lenses with it that can be changed out for whatever strength that you need.

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This is the one I have. I used it when I first brought it. Haven’t used it sense. Maybe I should pull it out n use it again.

I use the one in the picture on the top and it does stay on my head but the plastic magnifying glass fell out when I first got it so I glued it in but it works perfectly now. I also have the other one and it hurts your nose to wear, I also wear glasses and have to take them off to use this one. I just don’t use it anymore, waste of money imo.