Have you seen this one?


So happy and chubby and jumping for joy! :grin:

Can’t you just hear him squeal?


Lol. And wave his hands. He looks really engaged and entertained. :grin:

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He is adorable
She said he should head to the factory this week


Omg. That casual bathroom shot. Love those cheeks and chubby thighs.:two_hearts:


He’s going to sell out fast. I hope he’s an open edition.

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Omg, I Love him!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’ll definitely be buying this one!!

Adorable…hope nothing is lost in the vinyl translation!!!

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Too cute!!! I love the head shape.

He’s soooo cute😍

Such happy cuteness!

So adorable! I am sure this one will be a big hit.

Adorable! He looks like he could be maddie Browns twin brother.

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I want this one!

Meee, too.

Wowww, so cute!!! :heart_eyes: I definitely want him. I need to keep strong on my kit hold out but he’s really tempting

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I love this, one, a lot of features we don’t get lol in one kit too often!

Dont hold strong too long or you might miss him :wink:

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