Have you seen this Levi?

Isn’t she pretty?


Yes I was just talking about Cassie Reed a few minutes ago. Her Saskias are adorable too.

She use to have a gallery of her babies on her website. I’m not sure if she brought it back or not.

She was the first artist website I stumbled upon when I was first browsing the internet for reborn dolls to possibly get a custom. I love the way her website is set up but her dolls are way out of my budget :sweat_smile:

That hair!

Love love love!!

I have watched her for years…I think we both started about the same time…used to picked each others brains a bit😁


Here dolls are so lovely but very expencive :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I only have buyed one fro myself she was 300,00 with rooted hair (Pixie bonnie brown )
But that is my limited always try to make them myself :wink:

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I would definitely love that Levi!

Cute almost makes me want to put some hair on mine but I love him bald and I can just hold him without fussing with hair, lol!

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That baby is Incredibly Stunning!! I wonder if that is real baby hair, it is gorgeous and PERFECTLY rooted!!

All her listings say she uses mohair…I dont believe I’ve ever seen one that had human hair listed

WOW!! Amazing!

Ok then, I just think it’s SOOO perfect that maybe she ‘stole’ it off a friends baby’s head!! LOL