Have you seen these triplets

Wish they were a little bigger (for my taste)


How big are they and who are they from? I haven’t seen them. I am getting so tired of sculpts being too small to fit into baby clothes. I’ve thought about a tiny one but that involves making all the clothes and while I sew, I can’t sit up so sewing is out.

They are Sabine Hansen triplets from Dolls So Real. 16/17". That’s what I mean - - they are very cute, but too small for my taste. I like my babies at least 18".

Even the 18" ones are a little small for me but I do have a few. Guess it is because my newborns were bigger and grew so fast. Not sure why the sculptors seem to be preferring to make smaller kits. It can’t take that much more effort to make a full term baby.

That size doll looks cute in a preemie gown.

So sweet! They are very cute. Can you imagine taking care of 3 real babies? Me eather - reborns are the only way I would want triplets. You did an excellent job.

These are NOT mine - - wish I had done that. They are on pre-order from Dolls So Real.

They are less expensive at TruBorn. http://www.truborns.com/hansentriplets.html

Yeah - and a $10 credit if you take all three!!