Have you seen Deanna Flynn's newest baby?

Hi there ladies! I follow Deanna Flynn’s eBay and I love her babies! Deanna Flynn mostly reborns ethnic babies so I was surprised when this adorable little boy showed up in my eBay feed yesterday evening:

I think he looks adorable! I’m just surprised with all the beautiful ethnic babies she’s done that she made a caucasian one.
He is the “It’s a boy!” by Tina Kewy. He’s on auction until Saturday. Here’s the link:

Just wanted to share this adorable baby with you ladies!


Just wanted to say ethnic babies can look like this too, just saying!

Oh ok, He looks caucasian to me. I think he’s beautiful! He looks just as beautiful and adorable as her other babies :slight_smile:

He’s adorable! :sparkles:

I am not trying to be mean please no one get mad at me :slight_smile: sometimes ethnic babies lips are that red when they have relatives that are of different races in their background. I don’t know if the baby is supposed to be that but, just wanted you all to know that. And I love that baby!

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That’s ok Anne, I understand you’re not trying to be mean. I am not mad at you. I have heard the same thing you were saying from All4reborns when she was making an ethnic baby that looked caucasian. I think they’re cute! I love babies of all races :slight_smile:

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OK, good I got scared for a second. :flushed:

I love her ethnic work. I want to own one of her AA babies one day. :heart: this one is cute, too.

He’s adorable!!! He definitely looks to be Caucasian.

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So lovely!

:heart_eyes: I love him! He is gorgeous!