Have you seen Betty?

Isn’t she cute? I just want to scoop her right up.


She has my heart :heart:

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She’s soo cute, she reminds me of “Pixie” by Bonnie Brown :heart:

Omg What a cute face, I’m in :two_hearts:

I love her!!!

Awww adorable

She is so cute

She’s adorable!

She is so sweet!

I love this one so much! :heart_eyes:

So cute i love Adries dolls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh my goodness!!!

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Adorable little smidge :heart:

Yes…what a perfect description…she IS an adorable little “smidge” :grin::hugs:


She reminds me of Tink a little. I love that sculpt by Bonnie Brown. Adrie makes the cutest babies, I am on a kit diet (this time I mean it) but I have a feeling this one will end up in my kit closet at some point.