Have you noticed?

I was just browsing through BB gallery and since I am working on Cozy, I wanted to look closer at the prototypes for hairlines, etc. and funny thing happened ā€“ I noticed that the first 3 frames appear to have a closed mouth and the following frames show the sculpt with an open mouth. I even took into account the angle of the photo, but it still seems that the first 3 frames are closed. Is this my imagination?

Thanks - I was starting to think they may have put a photo of Heather there. ( Iā€™m dying to get her!) Her mouth is a little different, but she looks to be very close in design to Cozy. I love your Cozy by the way and so far, that seems to be my very, very favorite sculpt! It just reminds me of when my son was a baby (and that was 40 years ago!)