Have you ever seen?

Oil like this? :astonished: This is a dry Arias kit By DKI, I have bought this some time ago and it was a little sticky. I washed it with Dawn/baking soda mixture and put it away. Last week, i pulled it back out and look! It definitely was not this oily at first- just felt kind of gummy. I am going to soak etc. I was just wondering if the other kits from this line are like this too. If so, did anyone have great success getting rid of the oil slick!

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The only really oily kit I got was a old Berjusa. I could get rid of most of the oil with rubbing a lot with alcohol and wash again and again with Dawn. Still oily but I will attempt to paint it for the Vintage challenge. I hope a few layers of primer will do the job.


I had my eye on mini snuggles, but now she is sold out. If they are all like that, then I won’t feel so bad. I’m going to let this one soak for a bit.

Try running it through the dishwasher-top shelf. Put the parts upright on those little prong things. If there’s no prongs on the top rack see if you can switch them. Or fill the parts with Dawn and boiling water, let them sit awhile and use a small bottle brush to scrub the insides. Stand them up in glasses or jars to soak. If you don’t get the oil out of the inside it will just resurface.


I have made the regular size Snuggle (awake and asleep heads).
They where a bit oily but nowhere near that.

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