Have you ever had a baby steal your heart?

Now that Paisley is finished, I’m in love! She was the first BB I saw and drooled over, and had to have, begging BB to sell her to me as she was out of stock but available as a kit plus all supplies. Admittedly, rooting her was a pain in the butt because she has a big head, but now she’s finished, and I can’t put her down. She has stolen my heart, and I’m carrying her around the house like I’m a little kid with a new Christmas dolly. Has this ever happened to you? (My runner-ups are PG, Caleb, and Rosebud.)

Come on now, post photos!!! I can’t wait to see her!

yes, and I still cuddle my Libby sometimes

Here’s my latest sweetie pie! I’m still working on hair though!

Three so far…Jael (Molly with my husband’s hair), Moby and now one of the Calebs…thought I was going to be able to part with her until I dressed her up. Can’t cuddle them due to 12 year old watchdog daughter. I accidently kissed Jael on the forehead one day while putting her down and Caitlyn about died! She is getting to the tolerate stage at least so maybe someday I can sit and hold a dolly.

I agree we need photos of your darling child! I made Paisley first but sold her. Much improvement since then!!!

My latest favorite!!!

For me, it was COZY…love, love that sculpt…and EMBER, too.

— Begin quote from “Ginnylee”

Here’s my latest sweetie pie! I’m still working on hair though!

— End quote

Oh, that is such a cute picture. She is darling.

OK, here’s one pic of Paisley: (I always have a hard time with Photobucket)

All the time!

I feel like Oliver Twist…“Can I have some more, please?”…photos that is. Love her with the darker hair.