Have you done Sydney by Marita Winters? Eyes

I just bought this kit and I also got 20cm Lauscha eyes for her, as was recommended by the seller. Now I am worried. The vinyl is very thick and when cold hard, the neck is skinny and opening very small; the bubble behind eyes is also very thick and when I cut it, the flaps are totally rigid. The 20cm eye looks rather large for the holes, and the hollow eyes are too fragile to push through the front. I just wonder what eyes you used, and how difficult were they to insert.

I was really looking forward to working on this lovely kit, but now I am worried. :frowning:

I was going to check my Sydney kit but there is a cat asleep on top of my kit box. Have you already painted and rooted yours? If the vinyl is thick, was rooting hard? I plan to start on mine soon…debating on whether I wanted to get Tavi and paint them as twins…or wait and order a Realborn. Too many kits waiting for paint to get many right now. I’ll check the kit and let you know what I think when the cat wakes up.

The kit only arrived yesterday :smile: I did not try to heat the head up just to see how much softer it gets. I was going to give her these beautiful pale blue German eyes and the very pale blond almost white alpaca, and paint her those “porcelain” doll skin shades. Now, I keep looking at her little face, trying to imagine her with different colouring, and it makes no sense to me.

I did heat the head yesterday and managed to get in the half round eyes from the front but I do not think it will work with the full round ones, which are the only ones in the colour the I want :frowning:

I used the oval eyes (20mm) that Marita sold with the kits. I tried a 20mm half round and an 18mm half round and they did not fit well. I cur a flap and inserted them from the inside while the head was warm. The oval eyes were the best fit. The vinyl was easy too rot, but I did use a rice sock to heat the head.

The kit was very cold when it as delivered. It feels lot better after being inside in room temperature, so I am not worried about rooting it; in any case I always heat the vinyl.
I bought this kit from local reborn supplier, and she recommended the Lauscha eyes she stocks; guess I should be grateful I did not buy them. I actually bought the kit to go with eyes (and pale Alpaca) I already have - I was looking for a kit that would make lovely pale blond with those pale forget-me-not eyes. I would have liked to use Breyona by Charisse Faraut, but could not find her.

The back of the eyes is about 1/8" - 1/10" thick; I cut it in a cross, but the flaps are too stiff to properly bend backwards even when the head is burning my hands.

Thanks for the replies, guess nobody used the full round :frowning: