Have Anyone Ever Tried Vinyl Putty?

I’m putting some orders right now and I’ve seen this product right here in the picture. Have anyone tried it? Do you guys think it’s worth? I would love to see pictures of before/after repairs using this product.

(For who doesn’t know it, it’s a product that is able to do small repairs in vinyl pieces, as holes caused by the heat.)

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Following cause this may help on booboo hair!!

I’ve used it before a couple times, I used it on Huxley to fill in the sculpted eyebrows and on Half-Pint when my knife slipped when opening the eye sockets and cut into the eye a bit. It patches it right up and is still flexible afterwards, I love it.


I’ve used it with a divot on the face. It works beautifully.

Where did you find it? I have a baby with a finger blister.

Macpherson has it: Genesis Paints & Mediums: Vinyl Putty ~ Heat Set ~ Petite
They have it in the 1/2oz size too

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I tried it. Places that you put putty on stays more shiny than original vinyl, but then final varnish evened them up and covered them.

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But does it dork like the vinyl? Like, could I use it to extend nails, for example?

I didn’t try that. Did you try a nail extender for that purpose?

I’ve never used it, I want to! I need to repair a split arm. But they are out of stock, I’ve been trying to get some for 2 months but it won’t allow you to add it to your cart, and says out of stock when you try :frowning: Not too helpful, I’ve heard great things about it though from people on this forum who use it!

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I bought some but haven’t tried it. How is it for colour? Does it show a different colour in your finished painting? Just thinking it wouldn’t match all kit colours to begin with so how does the colour blend?

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The color is the same as BB vinyl. It’s just those places with putty showing some shine, so I know they are there, and they take paint the same as main vinyl. So, varnish will take care of the shine.

If it is as light as BB vinyl and you use it on a kit with darker vinyl do those areas end up looking a little lighter when you are done painting?