Hate when i do this

ya know nothing makes so mad at myself than placeing on order for the needed supplies i need, place and pay for the order and then realize the most important paint i need i forgot to order so now i have to place another order and pay for another shipping charge for just one item!!!

Ohh Me to That hapens to me alot. Last time I went in to order the one thing I forgot, I could not check out until I had ordered over 15.00, I dont know if that is new but I was a bit tiffed.

Yeah me too, i went to place an order with someone and they had a $20 minium order. If i needed $20 woth of supplies then i would have ordered them.

You can also place a phone call to them immediately. I have done that and the young lady was very nice and they were able to “seize” my previous order and add the item (earth mint) lol…I was so grateful.

It is difficult to get 14.95 in your cart sometimes! LOL Last order I was off by a dime so went back and ordered a 29 cent magnet.

The place with the 20 dollar limit is Dolls so Real. I save up stuff from them and then place the order. If you get a kit then you have met your quota. Unfortunately all the things I want from them usually are under 10 dollars! LOL

I will gladly spend the 15 dollars with BB for the reduced shipping. It’s worth it.


Yeah, my paints got here today! And to think i only had to place 3 orders in a row to get all i needed. Guess my mind is starting to slip. LOL!!! But they did give me a $4.00 shipping refund. I did order from HunnyBuns cause B.B. didnt have the premixed colors i needed. Sorry B.B. but she has the best prices on her needles and plastic ties… But i still love ya. Starting Gaberial tomorrw cause i’m cleaning my work area. I relisted Sydney on Ebay hope to sell her this time. I decided if she does not sell i will try one last time but offer free shipping. Not doing worldwide this time cause i’ve been reading here and on other forums the problems internayional has been. I do not want to just give my dolls away just to sell them. But i say that now, the Holidays may make me change my mind. Oh crap here i go again talking too much!

That’s why all the places we buy our reborn supplies love us so much!!!

I use magnets. I buy BBs thinner ones for most uses and I buy some of the fatter ones for times when the mouth is a bit thick and you need a magnet that’s a bit stronger. I’ve only had one person ask for the removal of magnets. With one custom I left the magnets out because I knew the buyer’s mom had a pacemaker and her mom lives with her. I think most people want the pacifier. When I had to take the magnet out of the head, I used a paint spatula that I had. It wasn’t too bad.