Has This Little Guy Been Released Yet?

Pia, I know you know this little one cause you’re the one who posted this picture for me. Any information about this sculpt? I think it was done by Olga Auer? I hope I didn’t miss it, I really want this little one.


Isnt he a cutie???

I do not think he is out yet

Ok, thanks Jenni. If you hear anything about him will you give me a shout out?

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Yep, he is adorable and for some reason I think I really need him.

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lovely kit , a must to reborn …thanks for remind us we need to save up for him too

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He is Sweet

I can’t remember the name, but I don’t think he is out yet…

Thanks Pia. I didn’t remember the name either. BTW, do you know when Jezabel (sp) is supposed to be out, I thought it was Sept / Oct. no word about invoice yet, how about you?

He’s so cute! I definitely want him :heart_eyes:

Haven’t heard anything about Jezebel…. Cassie’s newest should be delivered this week and Maui is expected by Thursday… I am on kit overload…

Im definitely getting this one, how adorable!!!

Awww, he looks like he’s trying to talk to his mommy.

Oh no, I don’t need another reborn. He is adorable!!!

I love this one. I don’t remember Olga giving this one a name yet. I hope he comes out :frowning:

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He’s so cute and I’m sure he’ll be popular. I bet you’ll hear more talk about him when the time is near.

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Something is sticking in my mind that this kit was supposed to be out in the latter part of this year, am I completely out of my mind here?? Maybe I dreamed that. Anyone else have thoughts on when this little one was going to happen??

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I tried to look him up but there are no new posts about it just the one from like 66 weeks ago (according to instagram)
I did ask on there if it will be coming out soon and have not gotten a reply
Nothing new of FB that I saw either


Man, I hope she didn’t give up on him/her. That’s the cutest kit I’ve seen in a long while. Thanks for your help Jenni.