Has my package from BB been lost?

At what point do you worry guys? My BB package with my new kit and all my stuff was supposed to be delivered yesterday 4/27 and THIS is the last update

April 27, 2016
6:33 pm Departed USPS Facility CHICAGO METRO HUB,

It mailed the 25th and now there’s no arrival date showing. At what point do I worry it’s lost nervous what happens if it IS lost?

I always have nightmares that the truck my package was on gets in a wreck. I wonder if it’s happened? LMAO

You can call their customer service and see if they can track it better? One day late doesnt seem too bad.


Well it’s through USPS. Not sure how they could do it better when USPS doesn’t seem to know where it is or when it will be arriving lol

I have no patience. I’m bad at this stuff lol

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It seems it isn’t lost, just slow.

I also worry because my last package from BB showed up REALLY banged up and three corners ripped open :frowning:

Oh, no! Hopefully, this one will be in better shape.

Me too. I swear I think my post office plays soccer with the packages I get


I had one come through recently that was basically open. Luckily nothing was harmed or missing, but if I had had small items in there, they would have been lost.

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Sometimes, not often, when packages go to those large hubs the packages sit there before being unloaded. My packages come through Orlando and occasionally they will sit there a couple days before finally moving and with an updated delivery date. I am sure your package is not lost but just taking a little bit longer than expected.

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Call the 1800 number on the tracking website.

I always get my packages from BB within 3 days but usually 2 days. They’re in Utah and I’m in Georgia.


I’ve never had a problem not getting a package from BB. They usually arrive faster than boxes from other sources. Take a breath, it will be there soon!
I did send a small package to someone in PA once though and it couldn’t be delivered and was sent back here. The tracking numbers stalled out at our largest hub in Louisville, KY and no one could find it. Three months later it just appeared on my doorstep. It looked like it had bumped around a bit but really wasn’t in terrible shape and the item inside was fine.
Not saying this will happen to your package from BB, but it sort of made me think that the PO at least tries to get packages to their destinations no matter how long it takes!

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I think that USPS has several teams that play package soccer.The other team package cram,see how tight you can cram it in a parcel box and still close it, oh if it gets damage to it its extra points.


This is the first time I’ve ever had a package get stuck in a hub somewhere

LMAO sounds about right!

My package showed up!! It looks like they drop kicked it AND the tracking still shows it not veing delivered but Savannah is here and washed and ready for painting


Glad the contents were okay!