Has anyone used these paci's?

I found these on Amazon and I was thinking about ordering them for the Twin A and B that I may be making. Has anyone used them before? Will they fit in Twin A’s mouth? Can they be magnetized for Twin B?

I don’t think they will fit. I found only a round nipple would fit in Twin A’s mouth. Everything with a more oval flat nipple was too wide. I used these. Found them at Walmart.


These have the same shape nipple and would probably work too


I use these Gumdrop in the preemie size for mine and they are perfect.

My Twin A took nuk preemie

Is there any normal paci’s that fit Twin A? I was hoping to get a matching set but I feel like that type would be hard to magnetize for Twin B.

I know most people prefer a full paci with no magnet for Twin A, but I was able to get mine to take a regular magnetic one. I just needed to use a huge magnet inside her head, focused around her chin area. Just an option if you want a matching set but can’t find one that Twin B can take too.

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Yeah I’m hoping to have a full paci for Twin A and a magnetic paci for Twin B. But I’m hoping to get a two pack so it’s a bit cheaper lol.

I’m pretty sure there is a post where someone shows that they were able to use that round one with a magnet for twin B. They folded the nipple in on it’s self and put a magnet in the end

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The yellow one is what I used on my Twin A
the pink one was too long

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Here’s the post I was talking about