Has anyone tried this yet?

Heatset Satin Varnish, 1 oz

Price: $8.99

Heatset Satin Varnish, 1 oz

A thick gel-like paste that can be applied over cured Genesis paint to give a very soft glow. If applied too thickly, it will create a sandpaper texture, so I recommend a very thin coat well spread out. I have found it’s easier to work with thinned down a little bit. It’s a nice touch if your painted dolls tend to look dry or chalky. This product tends to give a more moist appearance to the “skin”. Compared to Glazing Gel, it’s about half as shiny.

It takes about 2 minutes longer to heatset than Genesis colors. You’ll know if you didn’t set it long enough by a chalky appearance.

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I saw this on HunnyBuns and it’s new Sorry the picture wont show up

Wow hadn’t seen this yet wish I had, I just ordered!

I think i’m gonna get this and give a try on a test limbs. what ya all think?

Go for it please! And then show us pictures of it compared to the regular matte varnish. I am curious about it too.


Oh I thought it was from BB- I had just ordered from them! I have only ordered the cookie eyes from there. this sounds like something nice

I know that Stephanie has had been working with Genesis over the new formula of Matte Varnish and how different a lot of the mediums are lately. LIke Glazing Gel as thick as wax etc. So I am sure that is how she has gotten an upper hand on the newer products.
Hope you get some and test it and tell us all what you think SOON! LOL

Anything yet on this stuff?

I’m guessing they are following BB’s example of Look Alive.

I haven’t’ tried it but if you had Genesis thinning medium to Matte Varnish you can get a satin finish too.