Has anyone seen this paint?

I’m not sure how it would be super helpful in normal reborning but it’s kinda cool lol




I’ve seen a post in a private group on Facebook of someone that used it. She had pictures of a foot she tried it on and it seemed very nice :blush:

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I’m intending to buy some next time I place an order - my plan is to do a few washes over the nose, cheeks, ears, fingers and toes so when the baby goes out in the cold, they look like real babies start to look in the cold, all red and splotchy. More realistic on toddlers I think. I’ll have to use some test pieces to figure out how vibrant it is first, of course!


Whoa…this is a game changer for alternatives!

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I agree! They also have a set of 5 or 6 ghsp fantasy colours too!

That looks awesome! Too bad I don’t use heat set paint.

Oh wow, that’s really cool!