Has Anyone Seen Bountiful Baby New 3 Month Old Joseph Awake?

I found a ebay auction on Bountiful Baby’s home page that’s is listed for 3 month old Realborn Joseph prototype! Here are the links below:

Bountiful Baby’s Home Page: Link:https://bountifulbaby.com/

3 month old Joseph ebay acution link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/reborn-doll-baby-boy-Prototype-Realborn-R-Joseph-awake-3-month-old-Toddler/323639846822?hash=item4b5a7027a6:g:I64AAOSwXc9cNASR:rk:2:pf:0

Bountiful Baby has a new belly and back plate the especially designed for him: Realborn® 3-6 Month Chubby Belly/Back TORSO for 23-26" Dolls- #3599 - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)


Bountiful baby has the 3M Joseph Awake Ebay link on the homepage. But wow, I didn’t realize there’s going to be a belly and back plate.

It is a half torso. The cloth body goes inside. No vinyl in the diaper area


I did not know that I needed a 3mo Joseph until I saw this. I LOVE upper vinyl bodies! Oh no. Now I need to save more money. Send help!

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