Has anyone reborned Jake? What do you think of him?

I haven’t seen him up close. His limbs seem awesome, but I am having a difficult time accepting his uneven mouth.


I have not seen any versions of him or Jacelyn…


I don’t like his mouth at all. I haven’t seen a lot of these reborned and up for sale.

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He is on sale and I need more information.

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I haven’t seen any of him other than the prototypes. I’d really like to see some.


Is this Jake your looking for? I am new on here and I purchased this guy on ebay. I think he is the cutest thing. Not sure about the reborn “quality” as I am new to all of this. But I think he is a doll. (no pun intended)!


Very sweet! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for posting. He is cute.

he is cute

He is a cutie! Who reborned him?

He is very cute!

I made a prototype … He seems weird , but he is just different and cute !! Mine was a girl though


I just went and searched the gallery and your’s is cute!

Thank You :blush:

I bough Jake from ebay ID–deidra-paragalia. I noticed she did a girl Bella also around xmas time, but I can’t imagine mine as anything but a boy, that is until I saw joyce’s prototype on the gallery…adorable. I had the jake kit in my cart yesterday cause I thought I might try my hand at him (all gone), Mind you I haven’t even made one reborn yet! I bought baby fx paints, sale kits, test limbs, and I am trying to find that AH-HA moment when I think i’m doing it right. I’ve been looking at these so much that I now can pick out who did what. I think he was my second reborn and I remember when I saw him and those eyes staring at me I couldn’t resist. Not a big fan of open eyes, cause many have that empty look and creep me out. I have to hide him along with the other five that I bought since Dec. If my husband knew, he would flip! I have my first one on display and that’s all he knows about. Is this how this all starts, or am I just a freak? Thanks for listening. Lisa


WELCOME TO THE ADDICTION!!! LOL You are not alone. (Or weird).


I’ve started my Jake kit. So far, all I’ve done are the undertones though.


He’s looking good so far. I haven’t done this one. Make sure to post pictures when you finish. I’d love to see him.

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Sure! This week he’s getting mottling and veining, and anything else I can manage.