Has anyone ordered from a Js Premium mohair

I just ordered some chocolate soufflé hair from js premium mohair.
I hope it comes soon!
I need it for my Landon.
Has anyone ever used this hair?
Did your order arrive promptly?

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What a coincidence, I order from him for the first time about 15 minutes ago. I hear sooooo many positive things about his hair.

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I have only ordered from him on sales so he has an influx of sales at the time so it takes a little while.

Other than that he is active on facebook in his group and will message back pretty fast if you have questions. On that group he stated that he was going to start selling already made hair on his website so he wasn’t having to process and dye it after getting the order.

Anyways I would just contact him and ask.

He is also on this forum some times.

Here is his facebook group (it is a closed group)

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His hair is very nice.

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I’m in his group. It’s good to see pictures from others on the babies that they’re rooting. Him and I were messaging this morning because I had questions on a particular color and he responds right away.


I order from him all the time. I love, love, love his hair. he recently started selling Alpaca too.


Very nice hair, took about 2 weeks to arrive

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Glad to see all the positive feedback. Can’t wait to get my hair. I will let you all know how it is!

I don’t use anything but his. Very nice I think you will be pleased.

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