Has anyone noticed

— Begin quote from “Dianne Elizabeth”

on all the new sculpts the prototype’s have painted on hair. Is this now what BB prefers?

— End quote

I’ve always been in favor of painted hair, just looks more realistic to me, so I imagine the artists doing the prototypes feel the same?

I like painted hair alot. But rooted hair is more natural looking. I’ve seen alot of painted hair that looks so real that it’s amazing. I guess painted hair is now the new thing in reborning. I think there are people who like it better cause it’s easier to take care of. Oh wait! Don’t have to do a thing.

Lara has a great e-book on painted hair that i want to get but i can’t afford it now that i bought her beautiful doll e-book and i want to get one of the new kits from B.B… Trying so hard to sell my doll but Ebay is so slow.

True mohair feels more realistic and if done right it can look down right real, but one thing to consider with mohair is that it doesnt stand the test of time, it will last, but it will get matted up, break off, collect dust etc, and be destroyed as the decades pass, yes thats a long time, but if the doll can last a good 40+ years, it would be a shame for that doll to be ruined by old matted mohair on its head, at least painted hair will last as long as the baby…maybe i think too long term lol, like im immortal or something
I collect antique mohair bears, some are 100 years old and some 50+, and the mohair changes with age no doubt about that.
Not sure we will still have our babies in 40+ years lol…but our grandchildren might
85% of my babies have painted hair, I do root because thats what the market calls for and occasionally i do like the change myself

As far as the prototypes go, I think they are at liberty to do the doll in whatever way. I don’t think there are any stipulations.