Has anyone made a baby to look like their kids or grandkids?

One of the things I said I wanted to do when I started was make a doll to look like each one of my girls when they were little so they would always have it. Have any of you done this? I would love to see pictures of the real baby vs. the doll baby.

So far I didn’t see any kits to match my daughter . I reborned Grant and when I finished we realized that looks a bit like my son so he is a keeper .

Not my grandchild, but a portrait doll of a real baby. The real baby is in the basket.


I am in the process of doing this. Tried once when I was a real newbie but have since gotten sculpts that look more accurate and have one almost done, a kit to do the second, and another kit that may or may not end up being my daughter as a newborn. I don’t have a photo of any of them that’s ready to show with the reborns, but it’s a great idea for when they are finished. This is the one that’s in process…poor little guy has been in process for a while so I can get some others done, but he’ll be finished soon I hope!


Is that Ben Louie? I LOVE him!

Those are so cute. I need to find kits that look like my girls. I think BB’s Jesse looks like my 3rd daughter but with dark hair and blue eyes. I am going to have to post their pictures and get some kit suggestions.

I did Kameko for my adopted granddaughter, Ella.


It is, and I love him too! Thank you!

I did a Willow Flower to look like my daughter as a baby.


Here are my replicas of my twin granddaughters Hannah and Eden. I have done 6 grandchildren and have plans for all 4 of my children, 11 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren…if I live long enough. LOL I don’t have a good picture of all 6 of mine right now. Posting all the individual ones would take too much space on the forum.


Awesome! That’s a lot of babies, you’re going to be a busy woman.

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I made one to look like my daughter for her birthday.


I have wanted to make a Replica baby of my daughter but so far have had NO luck finding a kit that resembles her. She is 50 now. I’m gonna keep watching though!!

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Put a picture of her on here. You’ll get lots of suggestions.

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I have her hospital picture but I don’t know how to get it on here?? Suggestions??

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I take a pic, of the picture, with my iphone, send it to icloud and that pic ends up on my computer in my icloud pics. That is how I do it. @lynn

I have only made the one…grandson is on the right of the pic.


Thanks, I don’t have one of those kind of phones, I’m a bit behind the times!! hahaha

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Take a photo on whatever cell phone you may have email to yourself and download to computer then upload from there ?

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