Has anyone gotten their Trouble from Truborns yet?

I ordered this kit and am hearing some have gotten theirs. I have not.
I know she is at ROSE now but I am just wondering has she shipped
anyone’s kits yet?

I ordered from Macphersons and got mine today. Not sure about the orders from Truborns. She is precious though!

@Phassell will you post an actual pic please?

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I ordered a Shaya from truborns- got mine other Shaya from macphersons weeks ago…still waiting on the one I ordered from turborns:/

I preordered romily from truborns and still have not received the kit or even the invoice for the remaining balance, I ordered from macphersons for trouble and revived him today


Thank you all for the pictures. That was what I was hoping not to hear. I read that Bobbi had flooding I think it was in her home and had to move to a hotel. Now she’s in Utah at ROSE. SO that makes me concerned how long our orders from her will be delayed.