Has anyone ever used this transfers

Saw these and was wondering how they would look. Not really a pro at painting scratches. This looks interesting.

I don’t think they would look very real, but I haven’t used them.


I would suggest just trying to create these with paints. If you don’t like what you did, at least you can remove it with paint thinner. You’d be surprised what you can do with paint.



I wouldn’t use them. I can’t imagine them actually looking good.


I wondered that also but they make them sound so good and easy. Back to trying my own.

I agree with trying your own. Not sure how long they would hold up.

I haven’t used them, but I agree with @honojane They don’t look very realistic and look like they wouldn’t blend well.

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I have some but have never used them either.

I have some but I haven’t used them. If I ever do I’ll post pictures

Scratches really aren’t hard at all. I mix a little black and red to make a maroonish color and apply it with either a broken toothpick, tiny awl, or @wispywillowrebo uses a broken rooting needle. Just make a scratch mark, lightly tap with your finger just before it dries to give it a red appearance around the scratch, and apply thick medium over the top. I’d practice on a test piece first. Here’s a pic of my poor test head with several scratch marks, most without the thick medium applied and a picture of an actual scratch mark on my reborn.

The scratch near the eye is closest to what you’re going for. As you can see, it took me quite a few tries to get it right :laughing:

Awesome tips thanks. I will try on my next baby. Love you practice baby.