Has anyone ever made this doll kit? Cryer Rubert?

I love Donna Rubert and I love Puddin and I found this:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vinyl-Reborn-Do … _852wt_932
its Donna Rubert’s Cryer Kit. Has anyone made this? Does anyone have one? I wouldnt use those limbs but just wondering if there are any even available after this one.

Please share a pic if you have made one!

Oh i see it is still available but very expensive. I really really kits with a well done open mouth, I think thats what it is.

I found a bunch of pics that Andrea posted of her baby’s box opening

http://www.doll-fan.com/viewtopic.php?f … 56&start=0
What an adorable baby. I also found another thread on yet another forum about how difficult the woman thought it would be to put
the head onto the shoulder plate. I think we all want to watch you make her and learn along with you!!!

Oh great! I am heading to check this out now! thank you!! =))

Wow what a beautiful baby! Thank you so much for sharing that link with me! I want to make one of these so bad! Does anyone have one? I am thinking of trying for the one on ebay but I dont know how high it will get so i dont want to bid yet.

Looks like an interesting kit, I especially love the neck plate. Is it attached to the head? No neck ring?

Yes I think I would maybe ditch the limbs, I like 3/4 limbs. other than that I have no idea!

Andrea’s baby is really beautiful. I have a BB Sydney if you want her - that’s as close as I can get.


How much would you like for your Sydney, Judy? =)

PM’d ya, Katie.


Warning !!! Stear clear of anything to do with RDK !!! She is a HUGE scammer !!!
As cheep as this kit is and it is adorable -I wouldnt touch it !!!

— Begin quote from “Cher_Simnitt”

Warning !!! Stear clear of anything to do with RDK !!! She is a HUGE scammer !!!
As cheep as this kit is and it is adorable -I wouldnt touch it !!!

— End quote

oh really? oh my gosh thank you is that who is selling this?

Read down in the info area of her auction -if ya have to state something like that - then thats a big red flag !!! Many here have been scammed by her !!!

Eh maybe I will just pick up my baby puddin again. Don’t know about that neck plate anyways I guess…

I wanted that Cryer so bad! I knew it was an RDK thing but I have always gotten everything I ordered thru her…and since this is now on EBAY I was feeling more courageous. I love that kit! I saw it at about the same time that BB and Donn Rubert joined forces. I knew then I wanted it…so I bid it up and thought it would be mine and then the damn net had it’s fit and it lasted 4 hours and all the kits I bid on were gone. The only one I wanted was that one …and the person who got it got it for a pittance!
I am done with my lonely rant now…lol

I’m sorry you didn’t get him also Joy…that was the baby Sheila was doing at the get-together last August wasn’t it? That did go for a pittance I’m sure you willl find one again sometime!
Love, barb

Was that what Sheila was working on? I have forgotten a lot about the weekend…overshadowed by how much fun we were having…the cute grandbabies in the house…the wonderful dolls we got to hold and love…the great friendly chocolate lab and most of all the new born kittens on Sunday Morning!
Maybe Sheila will jump in here and tell us if that was the kit. I’d love to see her’s if it was.


Yep…that was the kit Sheila was doing…email her, I’m sure she’d be glad to show him off!


If you want to buy this kit Cathy Rowland (who is VERY reliable) still has some for sale on her website.

http://www.creativeimpressionsnursery.c … arch=crier