Has anyone done Miya?

I just got my realborn Miya kit. She’s just so sweet!
Has anyone reborned her yet? I can’t find many pictures of her, just the prototype. I’d like to see some other versions. She’s my first realborn. :slight_smile:

(interesting addition: I tried to explain realborns to my mom. She thought they were made from deceased babies because you can’t just pour clay in the eyes of a living baby! Needless to say, I was quite disturbed)


I can’t wait to see some versions of her! I’ve seen her on sale here and there. She’s cute!

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My slightly senile mother thought i said "real baby skin instead of scan!! Should of seen her face. :smile:


I’ve just started mine so I’m saving this topic for when I’m done :joy:

Wow, that’s even worse, haha.

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Just finished hair, letting them set till morning to seal and eyelashes

. But here are mine.


Beautiful :wink:

Aww thank you.

Very pretty! Lovely skintone, it looks so soft!

Thank you,i tried something different.:blush:ok all done

. sometimes you just fall in love with them.:heart_eyes:


Here’s my Miya… Something must have gone wrong during the reborning process :laughing:

Okay just kidding haha that’s my pup Miya. I’ve been on the fence about the Miya sculpt, waiting to see some versions of her first.


We told our cats she’s just a funny looking cat :laughing:

Don’t know haha It’s been a month and they’re still not impressed with the new addition lol Miya loves cats but she’s so eager and our one cat is like 15 and doesn’t care about anything other than food and sleep, so the energetic newcomer doesn’t meet her standards lol

Ahw, what a beauty! That asymmetrical stripe on her nose is just too cute!

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Right! She’s a sweetie! Her mama and grandma are both show dogs in the hunting category. Miya was going to be kept as a show dog, but she has too much white on her for the hunting category, cause the rabbits are white. So she’s our little pretty girly who always gets love from strangers cause she’s so cute haha