Has anyone done Asher Asleep as a girl?

I’m looking to make a reborn for my mom, and I have an Asher asleep sculpt. I wanted to make her a girl, but I don’t know if I should purchase a different sculpt, or if Asher asleep could be a girl?
I also have a Kase Asleep.

Would they be cute girls?

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I made an Asher as a girl, she was pretty cute! I think Asher makes a better boy, but still a decent girl :slight_smile: I know I’ve seen Kase as a girl, and the baby looked like a girl, and not boyish at all

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I think so! Asher awake is my favorite! Ive done several girls, asleep would be cute too!

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I have not, but I think they would be adorable girls! Lots of pastel colors in the clothing!! Omg, they’d be adorable!!


My Asher was a boy and would never sell. I turned him into a girl and she sold quickly. Here is a picture of each one.


beautiful! :slight_smile:
I guess my issue is the fact that I see all boy when I see Asher. lol!

@AmyR777 made a beautiful Asher girl!!! Maybe she will pop on and share her with us again :blush:

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beautiful baby girl

A few of mine


Thank you, Summer!

Here’s a second one. I thought it was a boy but mommy saw girl:


My Asher is going to be a girl if I ever get around to her :wink: I think Asher makes a cute girl


I sooo wanted Asher Asleep as a girl as well but… Well Belamy Grace became a little boy lol.


You’re welcome :blush: thank you for sharing them with us!! Your first Asher is my favorite of all the Ashers I’ve seen :two_hearts:

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I definitly can see Asher or Kase as boy or girl no problem :smile:

It took me 6 months or so before I was able to let go and list her.

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I bet!!! I don’t know if I could’ve let her go :two_hearts:

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