Has anyone done anything like this?

Want to hear a funny? i reborn a kit for a friend and when I drilled his boogies out I send the boogies to her in a card and told her his very first boogies. I could not resist giving them a bit of color. That green used to color correct, I am going blank on the name. and baked with the next bake. It was a hit. Now this might sound gross to some of you here but she loved it and put them in his baby book along with all his pictures I took while making him and his photo shoot.


That’s hysterical Debora!!! That makes the whole baby process so much more memorable!!!

OMG Deb!
What a funny, weird, hysterical and terrific idea! I bet she about died when she saw it. LOL
When I was about 6 my new stepfather (who raised me and loved me as HIS daughter) thought that the way I
played with baby dolls was so funny that he had to “help”. So, after Billy’s morning bath, complete change of clothes for the day, and
a pretend bottle, he was in his wicker pram having his morning nap. I was cleaning up the bathinette and washing his clothes and hanging them up. Daddy snuck in and put mustard in my baby’s diaper! Then Daddy acted like the baby was crying and that I needed to take care of him. So, I rushed right into my room and picked him up! I oozed out of the flanmel diaper all over me! I remember takng Billy and taking off his diaper and cleaning him all up all the time telling him what a good boy he was to go poopoo and that I didn’t know he could do that! I guess Daddy and Mama couldn’t stop laughing!
Daddy died May 3rd 1967 and my first child was born on June 27th. He never got to see his grandson do the same thing to his mama over and over! But everytime it happened I could still hear Daddy laugh!
Thanks for bringing that sweet stinging memory back. It was joyous to cry with happy tears.

That is hilarious!! And sounds like something I would do! I’ll have to tell caitlyn about that tomorrow.

Oh, Deb, that one goes beyond the pale! How did that idea creep into your runny head?! I bet no one else can top that!

Joy, glad you’ve got memories of your Dad and nice to hear of the love between you.

hahah that is too funny

Ok for anyone who does not know I am an EMT and we tend to have a twisted sense of humor. My friend is also an EMT. I can come up on a “good” trauma with blood, guts,and gore and I am the first to jump in and get in the middle of it. When I was opening her baby’s nose I got those little tiny booger out and well just could not resist. She loved it and put it in his baby book. Joy what an awesome story until you told me he died before he could hold his first grand child. I am happy it trigger a good but bittersweet memory. I sure wish I could have seen your face tho when you got “poop” all over you.

Joy, what is amazing that you obviously didn’t think twice about it. Your mothering instincts kicked in very early.

Debora, I think that is awesome!!!

When I had my dolls on display at a craft show, I had a preemie laying there and had and extra diaper, powder, etc. laying nearby. One lady came through and told me I should put a tootsie roll in the diaper and see what people say.

Kim now that would have been hilarious. We have to find our fun anyway we can.