Has anyone done an LDC soft line kit yet?

I got my first soft line kit, Mason by Sabine Hansen, with full body torso. The skin is so soft and pliable. Has anyone done one of these type kits? Is is very hard or complicated to do?
If you have, did you use GHSP on it?

Forgive me, BB, but I just ordered Codie last night after agonizing and looking at every kit I could for weeks (and driving a friend crazy probably in the meantime…my daughter Cait refuses to give me more than an “emmah” when I ask her about dolls so I text my friend!). I wanted full limbs and open eyes and I love the idea of a belly and chest so we will see. I’m surprized that so few of the LDC soft line kits have been listed on ebay or have photos of them on google except for the prototypes. That does cause me some hesitation but maybe most people kept theirs?? It is one of the rare times I’ve ordered from anywhere else and the most I’ve spent so far so I’m a little in a panic about being able to do it justice. If things go well and I love her, I thought about doing Aspen as a twin.

I thought somewhere I had found a tutorial about them besides the assembly one but can’t find it yet. I’ll let you know if I do. I have used air dry more than genesis so haven’t decided which to do on her. I may do a combination with some of the base in genesis and the details in the air dry. I’ve tried to figure out why they recommend not baking but then recommend finishing with matte varnish on the joints…unless it is an air dry matte varnish.

I did a Henry Michaels 2 Christmases ago when he kinda just came out
And I have a Lovelyn Asleep that I can’t wait to work on but she is waiting for me to have the time to work on and devote to her because she is precious to me already and I already want to keep her Any ways here is my Henry
I didn’t have any issues with him
I actually kept him for a while because I didn’t want to part with him
He was so fun to dress and he was on the larger side which i like
(More to hug)
Lovelyn is a bit smaller though

Oh yes and on YouTube there’s a video tutorial if you search up something like "assembling Victoria doll"
It was tricky I had to have my husband do it

I bought 3 Victoria’s, 1 Henry, 2 Dakota’s, 2 Mason’s, and 1 Cody. The Victoria has a rather flat face and not as cute as pictured (my opinion only). I loved Henry, absolutely adorable and cuddly and felt like a real baby. Dakota is also amazing, fell absolutely in love with him and bought a second one for myself! I just received Cody, not worked on her yet. Mason you ask? He is a HOT MESS!! His neck is too long and no, it does NOT pull down into the body when they are attached as some stated. The shoulders are sloped as to be non-existent, making the arms come out near the waistline… UGH!! I’m making an “alien” baby (monster reborn)… it’s either that or the trash can.

Now, for the problems… I lost one customer because she was upset that the paint color was fading! I gave her a full refund, got my Victoria returned and was shocked at the way she looked… it was as if she had never been painted!!

Second problem… why is the gloss pulling away from the lips, tongues, finger nails, etc.?? I’ve got an upset customer and need to know what to do about it… any ideas? Oh, and when the gloss pulls away, it takes the color with it!! Thanks for any help I can get. I NEVER had these problems with BB babies.

heydietsch, now that you have terrified me about the paint fading (since I’m in the middle of painting Codie!), do you know if you used any sealer before painting Victoria? I took the chance and sealed Codie with a thin layer of genesis and did the first two layers of flesh with genesis BB baby skin. Now I’m switching to air dry. Just hate the way genesis looks compared to air dry. She has had two thin layers of Art and Magic light flesh, the second one of those with a touch of luminaire rose blush. Can’t really see the difference unless you really look but I’d rather do it over than overdo a layer. Getting ready to do some more this afternoon. I sure hope she doesn’t fade but if she does, at least I’ll be able to redo her since I plan to keep her!

@DJJessie228: For my first Victoria I used GHSP’s… the air dry had not arrived yet and I was really eager to get started. I cleaned her first as instructed and most people suggest that the temperature of the oven be set at 250 instead of 265… so I did that as well. I did notice that the paint was, I thought anyway, rubbing off while I was doing the rooting. ( With the babies face nestled into the pillow I assumed that the paint had rubbed off because of the lower temperature). I did the repaint but turned the heat up to 265 like I do with the regular vinyl and it seemed to work fine… until I got her back from a very unhappy customer

She looked perfect and had even been painted for about two weeks before I shipped her out. I would have thought there would be some sort of fading before that length of time if it was going to happen. I did not seal before I painted, I did after though.

Now I have a customer who wants to know why her LDC soft line babies tongue is peeling!!! The gloss is peeling away and taking the color with it. I’m about ready to chuck the whole LDC lot, but I love the soft, full body appearance. There’s always silicone, but I’ve seen some real messes there as well.

@ta5401: Thanks for the tip, I will certainly check that out. The woman who purchased Henry (he is so adorable, I almost kept him for myself ) lives in Singapore and I’m not sure how available ModPog is. Another person mentioned nail polish, but I won’t recommended that one without expert opinion first.

Thank you all for the information. I think I’ll look at my kit a lot longer before I attempt it. LOL

I am just in shock. Had a beautiful baby almost finished and didn’t get to paint on her for a day. I had tiny veins all done and creases and all the blushing. The next evening, I was looking at her and wondered if it was just the light. By the next day, all the little veins and the creases were gone and even the bigger veins on her head are very light now. I don’t know what to do. I used heat set on the first flesh layer and then air dry with Art and Magic (skin tones and veins) and Luminaires (blush and mottling). Now it’s been 3 days and I don’t know what to do other than to strip her back and start over. Just afraid that the same thing would happen again. Any advice would be very wonderful!

WELL, I’ve done a Henry, Dakota, Mason and Victoria and they have all turned out so far. I’ve had them sitting (for various lengths of time) and so far, so good. I made sure they were super clean and dried. Then I sealed them with Genesis Matt Varnish. Painted with GHSP’s (I don’t care for air dry at all… they dry too quickly) and applied two or three layers, then matt varnish again. I applied more layers than usual, let set overnight, then went back for inspection and applied more color if and where it was needed. It takes more time, more layers and lots of patience but it’s been well worth it… the reborns are beautiful!! As far as gloss… used it to the barest minimum only; I’m going to try the mod podge as soon as I remember to get some next time I shop or order. I just don’t trust the gloss at all. Someone said to make it the very last thing you do, but if you have to be that careful… you’re going to end up with a very unhappy customer at some point.

The mouth of my kit Henry is peeling too, the cat is releasing and getting skin color too, how did you solve ?? I’m Brazilian and I’m using google translate