Has anyone dealt with Heaven's Lil Treasures Reborns

Has anyone dealt with Heaven’s Lil Treasures Reborns ? I am suspicious of a deal I am doing with “Dawn xxxx” email address shows up as “Beverly Avon”. Any feedback would be helpful…

DO NOT!!! DO NOT!!! PLease do not!!! I bid on something she had on ebay, it was a lot of reborn supplies, and it said if anyone wanted more or to separate and pick kits then she would let me-- she ever said since im so nice shes going to sell me meg and ashley kits with free bodies, and then throw in 3 free kits and bodies!! all for 60 dollars!!!
first of all, im like…well, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is…
then— ebay messages me and says they are frauds!!! that they are scam artists!!!
sooo i am on etsy too and then i saw her on there! and she said oh they just wanted me to confirm my identity and i didnt want to because of personal reasons----umm nope its just s scam artist. “she” has no kits-- she is just gonna take your money and run!

thats what i thought. whew THANK YOU KATIE!!!

What is her Ebay name?- I would like to add to my block list Thanks