Harvey Fitz says

Mommy’s gotted mes a new Mista Monkee buziness cwoves! She sayed it was a bargin cuz it was on sale for two dodars and fworty cense and then she gotted a 15 parcents more off! It says I am Mista Monkee Buziness! I also borryed Mommy’s monkey to pway wiff!

Very cute little chubster!

What kit is this? I love his chubby “wegs”. They look so cute in socks!

adorable and into monkey business :smile:

I love him!!

Oh my gosh I LOVE Harvey & I love your Harvey…sure wish you could still get this kit!! SO cute!!!

Babies Reborn by Isabelle

Thank you all! This is the Harvey kit by Leanne Harvey. She usually sculpts the very chubby mini babies OOAK. To my knowledge this was her only vinyl kit and he came out around 2009 I think it was. He has long been sold out.