Harry has reached his reserve OMGosh!

I am so excited right now. I have had questions and inquiries about not just Harry but Fred and George as well. I will be so happy for them to have new ‘mums’ and be able to focus on the next few I have in the line-up. At this point I am even ok with ebay keeping my money until they decide to release funds. I obviously will wait much longer if the twins go on a layaway plan but that’s OK. I would really rather not have them sitting here in their box waiting…

http://tinyurl.com/445dz8r Harry’s auction

http://tinyurl.com/3f9z8nj Fred and George’s auction

YIPEE !! That is great news Congrats to you!! They will probably all be with new mommys in time for Christmas. Ebay does not really hold your money that long as long as you have a delivery confirmation and 3 days after it has been delivered you will get your money. I did have to call them once but they released it at once. Congrats again!

you go girl!!! hes super cute i knew it would happen

Yes a link so we can watch !!!

Oh, I noticed him the other night on eBay and thought he was ADORABLE! I loved his skintone and his hair.

Congratulations on reaching his reserve…but, I hope he goes even higher than that for you!

That’s terrific - and he still has 3 days to go. He’s a beautiful boy.


Thanks for the support everyone. I have been messaging his new ‘mom’ and she wants him for very personal reasons. She has a bit of an empty heart that needs his little boy presence to fill. THAT is why we do this. Just for people like her.

We’ll see what happens with Fred and George. They finish up tomorrow afternoon. This is sooooo worse than Christmas Eve when I was a kid. The waiting is nerve wracking!!!

Awww I saw this lil guy and just loved him !!!So glad he will be getting a mommy !!!

Glad Harry is doing well. I love this sculpt as a boy.