Harpers lower body

Hi all
Need some input here .
Bought Harper kit because i thought id like his face as a girl.Have to paint it first to see but my problem is the lower body .THE PACKAGE
I wonder how many people would like the full body and his " stuff"
I see people ask online for a Full body
I was going to just use the doeskin and send the hard body along to whoever bought it but i see now it will ve all one piece .doeskin inside the vinyl
Options 1 Have a boy with everything .
Option 2 cut off the sex part area and sell as either or …To me a bigger group forba sale than the selective people who want it ALL
I sell most of mine to adults for their childen.Just not sure how many would want the " package".
Wonder how many of you like option 1 or 2 and why.?.
.I really wanted this a girl but seeing his sculpt face which i didnt see on BB just not sure .Any thoughts would be appreciated

When I did Angel I only used the doesuede body. They just aren’t snugly at all when they are full body. Some people do want the full body though. Maybe you can find someone who will trade bodies with you.

I reborned Harper, package and all – LOL – and he sold very quickly. I never even thought about whether or not someone might not like him.

Working on another one now. Hopefully someone will see him and want him; we’ll see.

Here’s my first Harper:


I agree .looks good but feels like a rubber doll stiff.
.Karen beautiful job

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I think cutting it off would require a lot of work, really. I’d just sell as a boy.
They’re a lot less cuddly, but people like them. More fun with dressing, I suppose.

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You could use just a cloth body and save the full body for someone who requests it on a different kit.


My custom wanted Harper and his twin in all of their glory for their 8 year old daughter. We did change out the head of Angel. She loves them!! I would buy Angel and trade out Harpers head to make a girl, or just use the cloth body.

Maybe i will save the body.
Guess ill wait until i have it painted though see if it can be a girl if not leave the body

I just do the same. So I have more option to pose him, hold him or dress him. I will use it to modeling my crochet baby clothes.

You could just use the body for another kit or try to sell it.

Yes thank you all for suggestion …
.Sony you cut the body up so it can be taken off and on? Like the belly plate you buy ?
or just cut the crotch part out?.. I had someone want a belly plate and back i didnt like it at all once it was on
Looked realistic but so hard seemed like 2 shields on the doll.The lady who wanted them i notice doesnt have them on him now .
i told her she wouldnt like them .What would work would be a silicone full body but not these