Harper stuffing full body

Was thinking about Harper’s full body.After muillng a boy or girl i am going with boy as he looks so boy My version anyway.
Wondering how to add the glass beads and stuffing if its inside the vinyl body.im assumng fill half way drop it in then fill more?How do you know if its filled adequately and looks ok if you cant see it?
Any tips?

I’d just put the cloth body in the vinyl body and then fill through the neck opening. Just feel for what you think is adequate.

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I have recently done Angel full body. I put the cloth body inside the vinyl body first then attached the arms and legs by pulling the cloth body holes through the vinyl limb holes as much as possible then filled the body as normal with glass beads and stuffing then finally attached the head. It is tricky and frustrating but worth it in the end. Hope this helps.


Um yes arms and legs Forgot them Does sound tricky

I’ve done 2 harpers…I put the cloth body inside and stuffed and weighted… might be helpful to have some help when it comes time to put the head on…I had to have my husband help me at that point both times… 2 hands just wasn’t enough

Thanks for all the help .