Harper body

My grand daughters nane is Harper…boy Harper is cute but id like to do it a girl I dont know much about the body plates if i bought this kit could I use the boy body on another baby or just fits this kit parts?. is there a cloth body under the plates?

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The neck, arms and legs all connect to the cloth body. So not using the torso would work just fine…


But you have to order the cloth body separate and would then have a torso left over. lol

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You could always buy Angel and switch the torso if you want a girl. Just an idea


Angel isnt cute to me.He is…Could i use the torso on another baby or just Angel?.Curious so the torso bilody hinges together no cloth body underneath?

Yes you can
The torso doesn’t connect to the limbs so you could use it for another baby or use an angel torso on your Harper limbs and head that would be fine :slight_smile:

Not sure, but these two use the same body, you could see if you can buy the girl torso alone, check the parts list.

The torso is like a sleeve. The cloth body goes in, then you connect the legs, etc.

Oh ok. now i see