Harlow - kit of the day

In case anyone wants her, I just got her :heart:


Thank you! I just ordered her.

On the fence lol plus I’ve ordered 3 kit of the days in a week

I almost caved. But I’m trying to resist buying anymore kits til I reduce my stash. Im a kit hoarder lol. He would make an adorable AA baby with curly black hair though!

Kit I just pass it Not my cup of tea to get unless someone wanted it as a custom.

I’m waiting on Katie and Callie hopefully be able to get them as everything is due in October 2 car tabs, Costco etc

Just finished my hours of debt of the $250 had to borrow from accident

But I did buy Patience I’ll be giving her donating to a Down syndrome child

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I don’t really like this kit either, but I need more kits to practice on as I just switched to Rebornfx paints lol. I’m waiting on Katie and Callie as well lol, I love their little faces :heart_eyes:

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