Hard kit

Kit is too hard!
Teegan is lovely and a kit I really like but it’s so hard

I thought needles were the problem so far
I have hardened flesh in my hands, four types of needles, but they don’t all work out well.


Have you tried a cherry pit pillow or a rice sock to soften the vinyl? It can often make a big difference.


I haven’t used that.
But it was a little baked in the oven and made it smooth, but it didn’t seem to be well planted.I still have questions about this kit :joy::joy:

This is what works for me. First, I use the famous sock with rice, warmed up for 3 minutes on my microwave ( I am careful not to heat it too much, I put it inside the head, wait 5 minutes, with the head cover with a white or light color piece of cloth, to keep the heat on the head for a longer period of time, then root it away!. I keep the cloth around the head, always while rooting only disclosing the section of head needed to be root.The warm heat last at least 3 hours. Second, I use a 32 g needle from irresistables, “heavenly illusions needle”. This needles are hard and sharp.

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Oh, my God, thank you so much for tipping me! :heart:I’m gonna put a hat on it! My teegan has a sporadic head :joy: