Hard headed Andi

I just finished a full head root on Andi by Linda Murray. That vinyl head was as hard as a rock. I broke a needle in the first five minutes. After that it was a very slow go to keep from breaking another. There was no way I could have done it with out a headed rice sock. I’m very glad my plan was to sparsely root her.

My question is, are all Linda Murray’s sculpts that hard? I really like her kits but if they are all that hard I’m never rooting one of them again.


I don’t know about her kits :woman_shrugging:t4: But just had to say that yours is a cutie!!

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Thank you!

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She turned out precious though :blush:

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She’s so cute! Love her hair!

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The ones that I have done in the past were all like that. I love your version of Andi.

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She’s so sweet!

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Her old kits all have that HARD head… but I recently got Evie, and her head was really, really soft! Like, almost unpleasantly so! :joy:

I think she must’ve changed which factory she uses, or which type of vinyl.

I love your version of Andi!

Interesting, from one extreme to the other. But good to know. I really do like her kits.
Thanks for the compliment on Andi.