Happy St. Patrick's Day!

*And I’m wishing my son Ryan Patrick, a very Happy 25th Birthday today! Gee…I’m not even OLD ENOUGH to HAVE a son that old…am I???

Have a great day, everyone! *

Patrick’s not huggable anymore, I want Sophia! I want a baby just like her. Help, I’ve fallen over the edge and can’t get up!

Happy Birthday to Patrick! Love baby Sophia and thank you for sharing her with us!
Funny, my son just turned 40 in February (a leap year baby, not leap day!) He was born 2/9/72 and I DO NOT feel my age! I don’t even feel his age yet - it’s called Peter Pan Syndrome – hah hah!

Happy GREEN day !!!

Happy St Patricks Day and Happy birthday

Just showed this to Ryan and he said to tell you all “THANKS!” He’s now a quarter of a century old.

Thank you, Dianne!