HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Miss Sophia

21 months old now…amazing how fast time goes!

She’s adorable!!

Thank you! It’s like all of a sudden she’s a little girl and not a baby any more.

Wow, we’ve watched her grow up right before our eyes! Beautiful Sophia! I love your Minnie Mouse dress BE SAFE ON HALLOWEEN

She is just TOO cute!!

WOW she is growing and adorbale

Thanks for sharing her with us. She looks so cute in her Minnie. Happy Halloween.

Thanks everyone! She’s the light of our lives, for sure! She’s a walking, talking, singing, dancing, laughing, playful, happy, loving, little girl now – she loves to do crafts, take walks, feed cows (if and when we happen to come upon any random cows in Tampa…LOL…) and now she’s into sidewalk chalk, Mickey & Minnie, and watering the garden. She’s such a blessing.

She is so beautiful!!!~

She is adorable in that outfit and looks so excited. Sure wish that she and Catherine lived close to each other!

Karen, I can’t believe how she’s grown either! So cute in her little dress! Gosh, she’s got the biggest fan club!

She IS tall…she’s in the 95% percentile for height! But only the 50th percentile for weight. Unlike her Auntie Karen who seems to be just the opposite. Lucky girl she is…tall AND beautiful!

Thanks for all your kind comments; you guys are the BEST!