Happenings “Update” at Bountiful Baby

Hi Everyone

8 days ago (on June 10th) I posted about our new 3D printer here:

I also mentioned that the 3D printer is expensive, and that I was going to be heavy on the kit sales to generate the cash for it. You can see those sales on our home page:

Well, as of this morning (June 18th) we are only $13,000 short of the necessary target. So it’s getting close.

As the target is reached, I will begin to back down on the kit sales. That looks like it will happen in just a couple more days.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


How exciting! I truly appreciate that you are continually reinvesting in your company to keep providing the most cutting edge products!


We sure do Appreciate these sales!!! I was so hoping to see little Megan on sale also!!! Need a few of her lol.:heart_eyes:


Will there be a 4th of July sale?

I am not sure. ROSE is July 10th through 13th, and we will be in crunch mode for that, and (probably) not wanting to generate extra work for the warehouse team. But if for some reason extra revenue is needed for ROSE, I might kick off another sale.



Ok I just sad I had to miss some good sales I had to think kits or bills

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